Smoke, ash and a frustrated human ashtray – 05/14/2016

#1 in the “HUMAN ASHTRAY” category!

Smoke, ash and a frustrated human ashtrayMistress Kennya.  Male submissives go weak at the knees at the sight of Mistress Kennya and She likes nothing more than to use Her stunning looks and sadistic personality to tease, torment and tantalise them to the point of abject frustration. This slave is locked helplessly in a service table and as his delectable Mistress settles down for a smoke She teases him relentlessly with Her amazing leather steel heeled thigh length boots. He is utterly desperate to worship the soft aromatic leather but for now he is no more than a simple ashtray. He coughs and splutters as Mistress Kennya blows Her smoke in his sad face, Her glorious boots and heels so close and yet so far. He longs achingly to kiss and touch them but She just cruelly leaves him there with a mouthful of ash and a lipstick laden butt to chew on, Her smile of pleasure at his frustration the sure sign of Her sadistic delight.