The hand of fate – 05/20/2016

#1 in the “TEASE & DENIAL” category!
Clip of the week – 21 2016

The hand of fateLady Yna.  Lady Yna’s slave has been temporarily released from chastity and now stands before Her with his balls secured in a standing device, his cock erect and hands tied behind his back. Time for some fun, but not for him. The sight of his Goddess’s curvaceous body adorned in a sheer black top and satin corset combined with his long spell in chastity makes him desperate to cum. But this about Lady Yna’s pleasure as She toys with his cock and fucks with his mind. Her soft hands just add to his arousal as the pre cum oozes from his frustrated cock.She tells him he can only cum whilst Her hand is on his cock. He desperately fucks the fresh air searching for Her hand thinking it will not be long before She allows him release. Or will it? Just when will this agony end? Or indeed, will it end? Only Lady Yna knows. Her hand is his hand of fate.