Big dick endurance competition – 05/24/2016

Clip of the week – 22 2016

Big dick endurance competitionQueen Lissandra. Its competition time for 2 of Queen Lissandra’s cock loving, cum guzzling whores. Just who can take the biggest cock up their slutty ass? As with all competitions there is a winner and a loser. Using part of Her large collection of strap ons it isnt long before Queen Lissandra has one of the sluts screaming in pain forcing a large cock up his tight man pussy. But Her other tart took it easily and willingly and is declared the winner. And the winner should be rewarded. And Queen Lissandra graciously allows him the reward that all cock loving sluts crave – an opportunity to suck and deep throat cock with the hope of feeling that jet of hot salty spunk hit the back of his throat and fill his mouth. See it all here in the second part of this delightful sissy whore showdown.