The human towel rail experiment – 05/26/2016

#1 in the “EXTREME DOMINATION” category!

The human towel rail experimentLady Renee.  In a new twist to objectification the imaginative Mistress Renee decides to experiment on Her slave’s suitability to serve as a human towel rail. This experiment will mean Her securely fixing a wooden rail to the slave’s body. The best anchor points for the rail would appear to be the slave’s extended nipples and of course the best means of securing the rail to the nipples is with nails. An ingenious design. Now all that needs to be done is to hammer the nails through both nipples to fix the rail in place. The slave screams in agony as the nails tear through his tender flesh but this is of no interest or concern to the sadistic Mistress Renee, all She wants to know is if her futuristic design will work before She launches it on to the market. Oh, but, is that an orgasm?