Spitroasted by a Goddess – 06/03/2016

#1 in the “FUCKING MACHINES” category!
Clip of the week – 23 2016

Spitroasted by a GoddessMistress Saida. The sultry Miss Saida has a treat in store today for Her cock hungry whore, a spit roasting with a difference. Strapped down to Her bench he is introduced to Her remote control fucking machine. He pretends to resist but the fact is he can’t wait to get the big juicy looking cock up his willing ass, even starting to fuck himself before Miss Saida has switched the machine on. His little eyes light up with delight as he catches sight of Her enormous realistic strap on and the waves of pleasure start pulsing through his asshole as She starts the machine. He greedily gobbles Her strap on, deep throating it and gagging on it but loving every second. Faster and faster the machine thrusts the huge cock in and out of his pussy as he longingly and lovingly licks and sucks Her dick. Fucked in the face by his beautiful Mistress and fucked in the ass by Her machine he revels in the pleasurable double sensations. What a whore.