A lesson in humility – 06/09/2016

#1 in the “SPITTING” category!

A lesson in humilityGoddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Evilyne have a pathetic little male creature that dreams to be a filming slave for the vicious Ladies but that seems to be much harder that he can imagine. As the Mistresses put him through his paces, it’s obvious he’s useless, not fit to film but fit enough to be humiliated, spat on and used as a toilet. There is something magic about how Mistress Evilyne and Goddess Ezada mesmerise a slave into hardness by the mere mention of Their divine champagne and caviar, the more graphic the humiliation, the harder his little prick is leaking, encouraged by the copious amount of spit the gracious Ladies spend on his pathetic face. His hard on is as useless as his person to the Ladies.