Orgasm control on Miss Sarah’s whim – 06/11/2016

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Orgasm control on Miss Sarahs whimMiss Sarah is in an unusually giving mood today, letting Her long time chastity slave out of his cage only to torment him relentlessly. Her viciousness spices up his chance of cumming in the brief amount of time She takes to finish Her cigarette, otherwise he will be locked again in his chastity for the next six months. He’s so desperate to cum, being awarded this privilege is a dream come true for the pathetic looser; hes panting like a mutt, begging for release relentlessly but only being allowed to cum on Her whim. Her approval is all he needs to release a huge amount of pent up spunk after many months in chastity. The thing about a Mistress’ whim is that one moment you can cum with all your being and the very next one you can be in chastity again, maybe for many months again, maybe for eternity. All he can do is hope this will not be his last load.