Testing out the newly trained furniture – 07/07/2016

#1 in the “HUMAN FURNITURE” category!

Testing out the newly trained furnitureGoddess Ezada Sinn and Lady Yna. Lady Yna has grown weary of Her pitiful husband. Unable to satisfy Her in any way and unable to support Her lavish lifestyle She is about to discard him on to the slave scrapheap. That is until Her dear friend Mistress Ezada steps in and suggests that She could retrain the creature as a piece of human furniture. Lady Yna likes this suggestion although doubts that the useless fool will survive the strict unremitting 1 month training programme under the legendary Mistress Ezada. But now is the time to find out as Mistress Ezada presents the results of Her very strict regime. This is going to be a severe test of endurance as a couch and trampling mat for him under the shapely Goddesses. Will he be good enough to spend the rest of his sad life as a piece of furniture or will he be dismissed for ever..?