The burning pain of desire – 07/17/2016

#1 in the “TEASE&DENIAL” category!

the_burning_pain_of_desireLady Yna. Lady Yna’s slave is strapped tightly to Her punishment cross ready for his sadistic Mistress’ special brand of torture. His bobbing cock has been released from it’s long term metal prison and his mischievous and seductive Mistress dangles a carrot of hope in front of his desperate eyes. Maybe this will be the day he eventually gets to cum? He knows this can never happen without the authority of his Mistress but a steady flow of pre cum oozing from his dancing cock suggests he has real hope. He fucks the fresh air desperately searching for Her warm soft hand. Oh how his Mistress revels in the torture of denial. The pain of desire burns deep within him but surely Lady Yna will want to experience many hours of pleasure waves. He may regret being let out of his cage after all.