Toilet trained by the Kaviar Queen – 07/23/2016

Clip of the week – 30 2016

toilet_trained_by_the_kaviar_queenMistress Evilyne. Goddess Ezada’s personal slave has been sent to the lovely Mistress Evilyne to be properly trained in the art of kaviar savouring. Everyone knows She has the passion and experience in this art, this is the reason Goddess Ezada has sent him to the vicious Mistress, She always demands the best from Her slaves. As the mean Lady explains in great detail how a proper toilet slave must serve his Mistress, the poor slave knows not if what he feels is terror or arousal. He will serve his Mistress to the best of his abilities, become the perfect toilet, he will become a shrine to his Goddess in himself by becoming Her waste consumer. His voice wavers fearfully as he admits all the humiliating ways this experience will mark his life in service to his Goddess, all under the mesmerising eyes of his trainer, listening to Her lovely compelling voice.