Ruined and milked dry by a sadist – 07/27/2016

#1 in the “FORCED MALE ORGASM” category!

ruined_and_milked_dry_by_a_sadistLady Yna. Lady Yna’s slave has spent the night chained to the cross in Her dungeon and now at the start of a new day She has the urge to satisfy Her lust for inflicting pain. The more pain Her slave takes the more it turns Her on. It could even be this creatures lucky day as if he takes all the pain for his Mistress and manages to satisfy Her he may even get to cum. Lady Yna naturally picks one of his most sensitive parts – his nipples. She subjects them to extreme and brutal attack and the more She abuses them the more aroused She becomes. Indeed it is a surprise that She doesn’t rip them right off his pale body. But he has no choice in the matter as Lady Yna milks him dry, wringing every last drop of cum from his poor cock as he imitates the milking with his chained hands, just like a monkey. And, just because She feels like it, She ruins him first then milks him until he can no longer take the agony.