Mistakes are punished at the House of Sinn – 08/01/2016

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mistakes_are_punished_at_the_house_of_sinnMistress Lilse von Hitte. All House of Sinn slaves are trained to the highest standards of obedience to meet the demanding needs of their Owners. They are taught to understand that any mistake, infraction or breach of standards, no matter how small will be met with severe and brutal punishment. A slave who lives in fear of brutality and pain will be a more docile and devoted creature. Today Mistress Lilse’s slave has made a silly mistake so will be subjected to the inevitable harsh punishment. This is after all for his own good and to make him a better slave. Mistress Lilse is a strict disciplinarian and She will beat him with a vicious heavy crop and when she tires of this he can expect his puny cock and balls to be pulverised by Her riding boots. And he must express his deep gratitude for his correction.