Extreme double trampling – 08/02/2016

#1 in the “TRAMPLING” category!

extreme_double_tramplingLady Yna and Mistress Evilyne. Today Lady Yna and Mistress Evilyne must test out a potential new mat. Not just any old doormat but a possible exercise mat that they can use every day and then roll up and put away until the following day. The 2 Mistresses will undoubtedly wish to exercise together, it is more fun that way, so the mat must be capable of absorbing the weight of both curvy Mistresses at the same time. This will be a severe examination of his credibility to serve in this way. His body and face are pummelled relentlessly and his saggy and sorry ball sack trampled mercilessly until it looks like his balls are about to pop. He desperately tries to defend himself but resistance against these 2 powerful Mistresses is futile. If his ribs don’t crack and his balls don’t explode he may just pass the test.