A mouthful of humiliating cum – 08/11/2016

Clip of the week – 33 2016

a_mouthful_of_humiliating_cumMiss Tressa. It is absolutely forbidden for the slaves of the House of Sinn to cum without permission. This dim witted creature thought he could have a sneaky jerk and get away with it but nothing escapes the attention of the Supreme Ladies of the House. Ordinarily he would be strung up in front of the other slaves and whipped red raw. But on this occasion Miss Tressa decides on a more humiliating punishment. As he is apparently so keen on cum he will get to see some more. Not his own but that of a fellow slave whose cock he must suck and lick in deep shame and embarrassment . But he broke the rules and must pay the price of a face full of salty sticky cum for his troubles. Maybe the whipping would have been less humiliating.