Be grateful for the pain – 08/24/2016

#1 in the “CORPORAL PUNISHMENT” category!

be_grateful_for_the_painLady Renee – Just when he thought his day of suffering at the hands of his sadistic Mistress could not get any worse Lady Renee casually informs her feeble slave that She is not satisfied. This after all is all about his Mistress’ pleasure, not his pain. And whipping, abusing and using Her slave is the only way Lady Renee can achieve the satisfaction She requires and deserves. At Her disposal She has a frightening array of vicious implements of pain and suffering. Unfortunately for this slut She is not easily satisfied. She sets about Her task with a scary vigour and energy and it is not long before the slave is crying and snivelling in excruciating pain. Music to Lady Renee’s ears. And when in a moment of extreme distress he inadvertently swears the brutality reaches a new level. Just how much can this slave take before his cruel Mistress will be satisfied?