The fiery cheeks of pleasure – 08/30/2016

#1 in the “FACE SLAPPING” category!

the_fiery_cheeks_of_pleasureMistress Lilse von Hitte.  It is rare that a male’s ugly face can bring some pleasure to his Mistress but the aristocratic Mistress Lilse really likes Her slave’s face. For slapping. Hard. She simply loves to derive pleasure from pulverising Her slave’s cheeks with Her soft delicate hands. All the time he is being viciously slapped he must look into his beautiful Mistress’ eyes and then he will be able to appreciate the sheer joy that his face can bring to Her. His face will feel like it is on fire and his head will ring but he will be blessed with a warm inner glow knowing that his suffering has brought so much pleasure to his stunning Mistress.