Be grateful for every droplet of warm spit – 09/07/2016

Clip of the week – 37 2016

be_grateful_for_every_droplet_of_warm_spitMistress Lilse von Hitte. In Mistress Lilse’s world male creatures are not permitted to drink water, they will receive all the hydration they need through a combination of their Mistress’s golden nectar and spit. Today Mistress Lilse will use Her slave as Her personal spittoon, humiliating and degrading him as a mere object. He will be grateful for every droplet of warm spit that She projects into his mouth and onto his face. And it is not Long before Her delicious spit is covering his face and dripping down on to the floor, which will of course have to be cleaned up by his tongue. Not one drop of his Mistress’s precious spit will be wasted. But this is not the end of his humiliation as his beautiful Mistress flips him upside down on Her rotating wheel and then coats his ugly cock and balls with Her spit. She will be amused when She sees Her spit run down his cock before mixing with his disgusting pre cum and dripping down into his waiting mouth. He will remain hanging upside down until he has consumed every last drop. Maybe he will eventually become Mistress Lilse’s permanent spittoon. If he is lucky.