Impaling the slutty patient with My monster dick – 09/17/2016

Clip of the week – 38 2016

impaling_the_slutty_patientLady Yna. The good Doctor Yna has one of Her slutty patients spreadeagled on Her gyno bench ready for a good fucking with Her giant strap on. Preparation is key to any successful procedure and Lady Yna uses Her medical skills to lube and stretch Her slut’s pussy so that it can absorb Her monster cock. She probes with Her skilled hands manipulating and stretching before She eases the giant appendage into his willing hole. All procedures can be painful and this one is no exception as Lady Yna fucks him vigorously. He moans and groans with the pain and the pleasure but this is just the start as the good Doctor will be back on Her rounds many times during the day to continue the treatment.