Meet the exquisite Ladies of the House of Sinn


Goddess Ezada Sinn

Female supremacist, male trainer, Femdom clips Producer, Fetish Model and owner of the House of Sinn

Lady Yna

Sadist, Vintage Luxury Aficionada, High Protocol Endorser, Producer and Exclusive Mistress of the House of Sinn

Miss Tressa

Pro Dominatrix, sadist, fetish model, exclusive Mistress of the House of Sinn

Mistress Lilse von Hitte

Lifestyle Domina, sadist, expert in controlling men, exclusive Mistress of the House of Sinn

Mistress Roberta

Professional Domina, mean Eastern European Mistress, greedy, demanding, cruel

Miss Sarah

An elegant and seductive Mistress of statuesque beauty, with a fondness for inflicting pain.

Mistress Krysty

Mature Mistress, enigmatic yet poignant, sensual, demanding

Queen Lissandra

Strap-on queen, kinky and demanding

Mistress Kennya

A real life dominatrix and a strong Female force to be reckoned with.

Lady Maya

A full time fetish model and performer. Professional and experienced.

Mistress Evilyne

An upper class English Dominatix who takes amusement in the use of men for Her pleasure.

Lady Renee

Tall, long-legged strict Domina who appreciates the subtle art of power exchange and control.

Lady Amedee Vause

A wildly kinetic and sensual adult model that enjoys a diverse range of carnal activities.

Mistress Saida

Mistress Saida is stunningly perfect woman, a classic dominatrix and a hypnotic seductress.

Mistress Vivienne l’Amour

Mirroring the Roman Dominas of old, Vivienne is a true Queen of Hearts, and of men.

Princess Aurora

Petite, bratty and perfect – Doll-like Princess Aurora has a penchant for putting perverted men in their place.

Lady Mephista

Lady Mephista is a statuesque Leather Goddess whose viciousness in dealing pain is only surpassed by Her beauty and power.

Mistress Clarissa

A British dominatrix who is beautiful, feminine, sophisticated, highly educated, well – spoken and articulate.