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“Giant anal intruders for the lusty whore”  #STRAP-ON

Giant anal intruders for the lusty whore

Added:  2/27/16 10:34am
surprise turns to vicious torment as he gets much more than he can handle. Mistress Lilse von Hitte and Goddess Ezada are so skilled in the art of breaking man pussies that he doesnt stand a chance. Blindfolded and dazed by the chance to please his Mistresses, he shows his true whorish colours, welcoming the gruesome anal intruders with lusty abandon. His small dicklet turns rock hard at the vigorous pounding, his man pussy getting wider and wider under the penetrating huge horse dick. His training will take long and it will be hard, with a plugged mouth to make it bigger and the promise of double penetration of horse dicks, he may only dream at the next stretching encounter with the sadistic Mistresses. His useless cock will remain hard throughout the next torment, and the next Who knows when he will be allowed to finally take his pleasure? maybe never …
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