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“Suck cock to reach pussy” #SISSYTRAINING

Suck cock to reach pussy

Added: 5/23/16 1:00PM
Hello My kinky little puppet, My sex toy; I can see you are getting aroused. Still that little thing you call a cock, is actually a clitoris. you are not a real man, your tiny cock is pathetic, half impotent, minuscule and flaccid. youre nothing more than a submissive frilly girl and yet you, you want to lick My sanctum! Oh yes you want to do that, dont you, you want to worship My pussy. Maybe I will allow you that someday, but first, My frothy girl, you must learn to really suck cock and become an exceptional cocksucker for Me. Come closer, open your mouth. Take my cock, I want to hear you gagging on My shaft deep down inside your wet, moist pussy throat. Swallow, lick, swallow, Im getting so hard now and I love it when you cry. Take it all down your throat, that’s the only way your tongue can get closer to My sanctum. Now I want to fuck your mouth hard, to have an orgasm. If youre a good puppet maybe later Ill let your sissy clitty explode. Just maybe…