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“Giant anal intruders for the lusty whore”  #STRAP-ON

Giant anal intruders for the lusty whore

Added:  2/27/16 10:34am
surprise turns to vicious torment as he gets much more than he can handle. Mistress Lilse von Hitte and Goddess Ezada are so skilled in the art of breaking man pussies that he doesnt stand a chance. Blindfolded and dazed by the chance to please his Mistresses, he shows his true whorish colours, welcoming the gruesome anal intruders with lusty abandon. His small dicklet turns rock hard at the vigorous pounding, his man pussy getting wider and wider under the penetrating huge horse dick. His training will take long and it will be hard, with a plugged mouth to make it bigger and the promise of double penetration of horse dicks, he may only dream at the next stretching encounter with the sadistic Mistresses. His useless cock will remain hard throughout the next torment, and the next Who knows when he will be allowed to finally take his pleasure? maybe never …
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“Spit-roasted by Mistress Ezada & Roberta” – #STRAP-ON

Spit-roasted by Mistress Ezada & Roberta

Added: 7/9/15 1:40pm
This slave declared himself many times to be a whore for his Mistresses and now is about the time to stand up to his promises. Armed with two huge strap on cocks and wearing leather and latex, Mistress Roberta and Mistress Ezada are going to make him keep his word. They try first to frighten him showing the size of their cocks and soon after they begin to spit roast him using him as he always said he want to be used. Mistress Roberta feed his ass with her big cock while Mistress Ezada had his mouth in her care; they change places so everybody can be happy, except the slave who begins to regret his declarations. To make him forget about his ass being fucked so hard, Mistress Ezada clamps his nipples and the fun continues. Having their pleasure fulfilled, the two Mistresses are making fun of him and then leave him alone, forgetting to set him free.

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“Vicious ass stretching part 2” – #ANAL

Added: 3/26/16 12:13PM
The next lesson in ass stretching for this anal slut sees Mistress Roberta prepare a giant cock to ease into his willing orifice. He must be stretched more and more to please his Mistress as She forces the huge cock up his ass. But there is a surprise in store for the cock hungry slave when Mistress Roberta introduces him to the bullet dildo. Releasing his arms and legs She lets him sit up and as his eyes set upon the bullet the fear on his face is evident. But why should Mistress Roberta do all the work? No, this slave is going to have to ride the bullet before She will be happy. But it is enormous, surely he wont be able to open his ass wide enough as She instructs him to lower himself onto it?


“The slut loves double penetration – #STRAP-ON

Added: 4/25/16 01:06PM
Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Roberta have decided that these useless excuses for men are to be trained as sissy sluts as they are unable to achieve erections. Slaves dont need cocks anyway. One of them is so useless that hes disregarded and sent away, leaving only one slut to continue the training. He’s such a slut that lube is not necessary for the fucking of his life. Fucked puppy style like the bitch that he is, hard and fast, slow and deep and forced to take two rubber cocks up his ass. Double penetration is a must for bitch slaves and look at him, he’s a natural at taking cock, the slut likes it!

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