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“Whipping endurance training” #WHIPPING

Whipping endurance training

Added: 4/20/16 02:29PM
This slave put himself at Mistress Ezada Sinn and Ava Black’s disposal. They decided to accept him as their slave and did with him what They like best: gave him a good beating. Now, he is already whipped, but this will not stop the Ladies from testing his resistance to pain. He must show Them he is a man, and not a pussy. He must stand up straight, no matter how intense the pain is. First They warm him up, again, with floggers, which They use at the same time, to make the pain more intense and overwhelm him. When his back and ass are bright red, the Ladies take Their single tail whips and start “drawing” on the slave’s skin. The tips of Their whips leave deep marks on his skin and make him shake and almost give up. Only Their mocking and saying that They like men, not pussies, make him endure and stand on his feet.Mistresses Ezada and Ava whip the slave until he literally collapses, then They get him up and whip him some more. They want to see just how much he can take and bring him very close to his limits. But he is a good boy and takes all the lashes without crying for mercy, even though the skin on his back is so red and full of deep marks that he won’t be able to sleep on his back for weeks.
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“Suffer for your Goddesses!” #WHIPPING

Suffer for your Goddesses!

Added:  4/8/16 1:23pm
Goddess Ezada Sinn and Madame Caramel are in a mean streak this evening, hungry for slave suffering and pain, excited by the prospect of agony on this slave’s face. His pain and suffering are arousing to the vicious Mistresses, the exertion making Them pant in pleasure as the pathetic pain slut is squirming on the floor like a worm at Their gorgeous feet. But no amount of squirming is going to spare him the cruel temper of the mean Ladies, his whipping is curt but strong enough to be a lesson that he will remember for a long,long time.

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