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Lady Yna


 Lady Yna

Bucharest, Romania

Lifestyle ProDominatrix,


Exclusive Mistress at The House Of Sinn

Vintage Luxury Aficionada,

High Protocol Endorser


Enter My Kingdom of Female Suppremacy

About Me

Most friends call me a lovely snob, which I am to some extent although I prefer the term elitist, I consider social rudeness distasteful and I appreciate well behaved individuals almost as much as I appreciate intelligence and common sense.

I have a strong fetish for elegance, pin-up and vintage lingerie, I prefer my women sexy and slutty, and my men strong, well mannered and connoisseurs of wine.

The FemDom part of the lifestyle suits and fulfils me to my heart’s content. I’m currently enjoying my sadistic side, quite thoroughly some say, although my preference for foot worship and forced bi are well known among my friends.

I enjoy the worship and reverence of slaves in many forms, you may find me on Twitter and Instagram

High Protocol Endorser

I am a firm believer and endorser of High Protocol and Female Supremacy. I am the queen of my own private kingdom and all slaves hoping to serve me will act accordingly or refrain from addressing me.

I do not ask, I demand
I expect complete obedience according to my rules and rituals
I will be worshipped in the manner I see fit
I have complete control over my slaves’ lives
I am everything and anything in my slaves’ lives

Exclusive Mistress to The House Of Sinn

I am fetish model and producer at  The House Of Sinn so if you want to have the chance of serving me you’ll probably manage it by applying as a filming slave, otherwise my availability is radically reduced to those lucky slaves in longterm relationships with me.


The Wedding Party

Vanessa Rudy Rose

Man of Honor

Matt Redman Yully

Man of Honor

Rachel Rose

Ziah Rose

Stephanie Tanuk

Michelle Adams

Catherine Moriah

Jennifer Hewitt

Brandon HayWood

Vince McMahon

Charles Vicente

Matthew McAdams

Jeremy Clinton

Mark Muirkirk

Gregory Stanley

Ring Bearer

Jamie Zummerman

Flower Girl

Zachariah Juancho

Ring Bearer

When & Where

The House of Doves
Parkhomme, Massachusetts

In the Afternoon

March Twenty Third
Two Thousand Sixteen


 40 Carlton St. Parkhomme, Massachusetts


Please RSVP Before March 2nd





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