Picture of the week 22 2015 – Hubby stays home

Yes, the one you witness here is one of My husbands, he is My slave, My property, but he is also My cuckold.  My possession’s cockerel is locked in steel and chaste.  Notice the key to his lock hangs openly about My regal neck.

Sexually he is inadequate, and his only access of My heavenly body is to taste and sometimes clean the lovers I decide to take.  In my native Romanian tongue he is called a “incornorat” literally meaning “one who wears horns.”

Being the dominant sadist, I derive enjoyment in his humiliation yet sadly for him he finds no pleasure from this fetish.  he has been caged for such a long time, that his cock often remains flaccid.  Sex with the hubby is lackluster, lifeless, listless, uninspiring, inanimate, tame, dull, and vapid.  his tongue is more useful to me than the flesh that hangs imprisoned between his legs.

Am I sad that he is considered by many an object of derision?  A worthless male eyed by his fellow gender with ridicule, disrespect, and contempt? No, of course not.  he is my husband, and he deeply worships Me.  he obeys his Goddess without a moment of hesitation.

I love my cuckold.

See the clip here.

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